During the past 20 years Alessandro De Grandi and Riccardo Zanini have created several businesses. They met some years ago in China, during a startups competition. While presenting their respective projects, they have discovered synergies and started working together. Alessandro has technical and development skills and Riccardo has a sales and marketing background. Together, they are the perfect mix to lead a project such as The Nemesis.

The team is built up by complementary professional figures with impressive international experiences. Consolidated skills in different operating sectors who play in a crowd-work perspective.



Nicolo Girotti


Andrea Bernasconi (CTO)
Davide Tamagna
Nicola Montrone


Stefano Budai (Art Director)
Tommaso Franzoni
Amin Trento


Alessandro De Grandi (CEO)
Riccardo Zanini (CSO)
Deborah Martino (COO)
Emanuele Salvo


Andrea Martini
Marco Zinni
Luca Bonotti
Ibrahim Hysa


Alessandro De Grandi

Alessandro De Grandi

He founded his first startup at the age of 18, “Esaplanet, the cash & carry of IT services.” With Esaplanet’s 2010 exit, Alessandro finances other startup projects. A passionate technology expert, his background as a developer led him to become one of the five TIM Digital Ambassadors in Italy in 2018. High-level collaborations with corp such as Microsoft, Axa, Generali, Sky and Carrefour. In 2015 he realizes he can revolutionize the use of the web by integrating it with virtual and augmented reality systems – and that idea gave birth to The Nemesis project.

Riccardo Zanini

Riccardo Zanini

A serial and visionary entrepreneur, through his work he aims at contributing to a better future and is determined to achieve this goal. Few but clear convictions led Riccardo, when he was only 20 years and the word startup did not exist yet, to found his first company, in the name of a mantra that has always accompanied him: “behind every great idea there is always a great mind, but it is only through shared work and combined skills that a great idea can turn into a great project”.

Deborah Martino

Deborah Martino

After a long experience in the large-scale retail trade and in some multinationals in the iTech sector with commercial and operational roles, she took up the subjects of her studies in economics to acquire new skills in the field of marketing. Today she focuses on planning operations and investors’ seeking. As a art-lover, she is carrying out a project in the crypto and blockchain market entirely dedicated to NFTs, hence the role of NFTs Ambassador for The Nemesis.

Lars Schlichting

Lars Schlichting

His main areas of expertise are technological, regulatory and tax laws. Lars advises corporate clients in applying new technologies such as blockchains, as well as in compliance with financial laws. He specializes in anti-money laundering legislation applied to new technologies and has actively participated in the creation of several crypto exchanges in Switzerland as well as other cryptofinancial products. Furthermore, Lars has extensive knowledge and experience in the tax sector. He has contributed numerous publications, including consolidated supervision of financial groups, comments on financial services laws and automatic exchange of information, as well as a science fiction novel.


David Wallach

David Wallach

A Seed Investor / Business Angel looking for scalable digital business opportunities.

David was an early comer to the Online industry and has worked on a vast number of projects in Europe and North America over almost 20 years now. Co-founded one of Italy’s top Mobile VAS providers, growing from 0 to €30M yearly sales and 3.5M customers in 2 years.

Initially fcussed on all things Mobile, David has invested in numerous startups and more mature companies focussing on eCommerce/Amazon, Social Media and Influencer marketing, Ad.Tech, Big Data, Affiliate marketing and Traffic monetization and more. His network and the companies he participates in represent a big opportunity for synergies and for more business to come.

Edoardo Bosio

Edoardo Bosio

After spending about 5 years researching and investing in public markets’ companies, he focuses on seed capital and startup consulting activities. Edoardo boasts a thorough and comprehensive knowledge in the evaluation analysis of Equity and Fixed Income and in business plans and financial models’ consultancy. His expertise spans from stock valuation, investment strategy, stock selection and fixed income analysis.