UNDO STUDIOS presents The Nemesis, the entertainment platformthat matches video games and social networks for new interactive experiences, online and offline.


The Problem

How many times have you seen adv banners?! And, how many times have you clicked on ‘skip ad’?! They are boring and not captivating by now… Brands are looking for new opportunities to engage with users, especially millennials. Researches show that the internet will evolve in the coming years thanks to VR and AR technologies creating new ways to involve and entertain the communities through constant interactions between online and offline experiences. The Nemesis aims at improving user engagement, by expanding the gaming entertainment experience to other sectors such as events, art, shopping, and many others.

The Solution

Gamification increases users' engagement and retention. The Nemesis allows to create unique virtual worlds where engage users through gamification. Brands can shows their products and let community play with branded items. Influencers and artists can gather people to have a place for having fun or sharing knowledges. Anyone can show his products, services and contents in a virtual world and let the community to explore, play, join live streaming events. Everyone can create their own virtual world on The Nemesis, no specific skills are required, just imagination.


The Nemesis is an anticipation of how the internet will evolve in the coming years and is already available! In fact, the platform aims at achieving enhanced and more enjoyable virtual experiences. The most interesting application of this concept is in the field of online advertising and, in general, in the development of new digital marketing paradigms. Websites are no longer enough to satisfy users’ increasing demand and no longer effective for companies as their sites are simply considered static and one-way. This is where The Nemesis comes into play: websites are transformed into multiverses characterized by unique and personalized experiences, which are engaging and stimulating for the users. This revolution can be applied to any product, service or business.